Invoice and payment

Do I have to enter my VAT Registration Number?

The VAT registration number is used by companies in the European Union for sales tax purposes and simplifies the cooperation within EU. If you have a VAT number you can specify this in order to save the VAT in Germany. It is only possible to save the VAT if your business is not in Germany.

I have begun to make a property listing. Will I have to pay right away?

You are not obliged to pay upfront when creating an account and a property listing. The payment is not due until we receive a signed contract for your listing to advertise. In this way you are able to create your listing, write texts, upload photos and enter prices in your own pace.

Will Travanto charge a commission for my bookings?

Whether Travanto charges a commission depends on the type of booking enabled for your property.

If you decide on enquiry bookings we do not charge a commission. Instead you pay a monthly fee for advertising your property.

If you decide on online booking or Direct Enquiry booking systems we charge a commission of 10% and 15% respectively of the gross rental revenue including ancillary costs and the current VAT. We do not charge a monthly fee for advertising, instead you only pay when you receive a booking.

When will I receive payment for my Direct Enquiry or online booking?

If the arrival date is within 30 days from the booking is confirmed, the tenant will have to transfer the full rental price to Travanto upon booking and the amount less the commission will be forwarded to you immediately.

If the booking is made more than 30 days before the arrival date, the tenant can choose between paying a deposit or the full rental price upon booking. The deposit is paid to Travanto and corresponds to 30% of the rental price. The deposit less the commission will be forwarded to you immediately. The tenant will at the same time receive an email with your bank details in order for him or her to transfer the remaining amount to you minimum four weeks before the arrival date.

For bookings made on all portals, where prices are displayed and settled in another currency (not EUR), such as on (GBP) or (CHF) Travanto only collects the deposit upon booking. The deposit corresponds to the amount of commission to be paid by you to Travanto. The tenant will after paying the deposit receive your contact information and bank details by email so you can arrange the payment of the remaining amount directly with tenant.

When and how will I receive my invoice and where can I view it?

If you have an enquiry booking contract with us, you will after each quarter receive an email with your current invoice. You can view all invoices, old and new, in your landlord login area under “Your invoices”. We can also send you an invoice by mail or fax, this service does however cost €2.50 excl. VAT for each invoice. You can changed to this option in your landlord login area under “Your contract details” by choosing your preferred option in “How would you like to receive your invoices?”.

For properties advertised on our foreign portals (e.g. France, England or Spain) you will usually pay in advance. This means that you decide to pay for either 3, 6 or 12 months at a time and directly after each payment you will receive an email with the invoice. You can always view your invoices in the landlord login area under “Your invoices”.

If you have an online booking or Direct Enquiry contract with us, you will directly after each booking receive an email with an enclosed invoice.

What payment methods does Travanto accept?

You can choose between two payment methods when paying your invoice: direct debit or bank transfer. If you would like to use bank transfer a fee of €2.00 is added per invoice. Please remember to enter your IBAN and BIC number due to the new SEPA agreement.

I do not have a German bank account. How can I pay the invoices?

You will always be able to pay by bank transfer.
If your bank allows money transfers in euros, you will also be able to pay by SEPA Direct Debit. If you are a customer on one of our portals located outside the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) countries and your bank does not allow money transfers in euros, then you will only be able to pay by advance payment (by credit card, PayPal or money transfer).