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Availability calendar

What is an availability calendar?

Each property listing has an availability calendar so that tenants can view when the property is already booked and when it is available. In this way the tenant will feel well-informed and you as a landlord will save time and avoid double bookings.

How do I update my availability calendar?

Log in to your landlord login area and click on “Availability calendar” under each property. You can enter a booking by marking the booked dates and confirm the chosen period. Alternatively you can enter bookings under “Booking overview” and also view your bookings as a PDF file.

Can I synchronise my availability calendar using a software interface?

It is possible to use a central software to maintain your availability calendar if your property is bookable online on Polska-Travel.pl or you advertise the property on more portals. The software providers often collaborate with several holiday rental portals and it can therefore simplify the maintenance of the availability calendar.

Advantage: Every time you maintain your bookings in the central system it will automatically update all connected systems. This will save you time and work effort while preventing double bookings.

If you are interested in using the software, please send an email to schnittstelle@travanto.de or call us at +49 (0)40- 244 249 0.